Brand approaches and models are not all the same. They vary widely in where they come from and how old they are. When it comes down to it, why would you choose an approach that leaves pretty much everything to talent and, more or less, luck?


Hutrust®Brand PyramidBrand OnionBrand KeyBrand SquareBrand LighthouseSatelites
Scientifically based
Based on the
most modern

Based on proven
wrong 18th century

Based on proven
wrong 18th century
Taps into a proven
key human motivator
Direct connection with
customer’s mind and
resulting attitudes and
Sound connection to
organisational KPIs and
fully integrated into key
measurement systems
Provides end to end
system from insight to
implementation and tracking
Provides measurable driver
analysis for activation steering
Can be trained and
empowers all functions
Statistically Proven